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Welcome to Norman Tool, Inc.

Your Worldwide Leader in Abrasion Wear, Button Cycling, and Finger Movement Simulation Test Equipment

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Norman Tool, Inc. has been a worldwide leader in the coatings wear and general abrasion wear industry since 1964, and since then has added button, switch and contact testers, finger movement simulation equipment, various types of finger probes, and other custom testing equipment and accessories.

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Many durability advancements have been made in the industries that we serve due to the testing capabilities provided by Norman Tool and the RCA Abrader Abrasion Wear Tester products.

The markets we serve for abrasion testing ranges greatly from computers and cell phones to appliances and paint coatings. If your products are contacted in any way, including normal handling to heavy duty contact, and you need to know and/or measure the effects of the contact, your product’s or the coating’s durability, etc., it is probably a good fit to be tested by our products. We even have a Wet Abrader® that can be used for testing in wet conditions with a variety of liquids.

Our newer Motion Pro® Testers can be used to test a wide variety of buttons, switches and contacts, for both abrasion wear and durability. This can apply to testing anything from basic buttons and switches to keyboards, touch screens, or literally anything that gets pushed and/or rubbed by human fingers or mechanical devices. There is a wide range of applications for these testers.

For use with our Motion Pro Testers, or with your own equipment, our Real Touch Finger Probes are used anywhere the human finger needs to be simulated. A great deal of research has gone into developing these finger probes, which come in a regular silicone model, as well as a conductive model that can be used for testing a wide variety of touchscreens that require the electrical conductivity found in human fingers. We also offer Fabric Wraps for better simulating the friction and abrasion characteristics of a human finger.

Snaptron Sapphire Force Displacement Switch Tester

Norman Tool is excited to be an exclusive distributor for the Snaptron Sapphire force displacement switch tester, which was engineered for accurate and repeatable force displacement measurements on many types of switches. The Snaptron Sapphire tester uses an LCD touchscreen display, where it displays measurement data. This unique force displacement tester works well with metal or plastic dome switches, membrane switches, keypads of all types, and many other switches. The force test meets ASTM standard F2592.

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Our goal is to provide affordable equipment, accessories, supplies and services for the widest range of customers possible regardless of their size or testing needs. We offer test equipment, test services, test paper, accessories, rental equipment, and the ability to customize our equipment for your specific needs.

Our core belief is that Norman Tool should always serve you with “Integrity, Competence, and Fast and Friendly” service.