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Pneumatic Finger Wear Tester / Finger Probe Tester

We have both a Wear Tester that simulates a finger pushing / rubbing on a button or device, and we have Testers that can test the actual functionality of the button or switch, and in some cases, both tests can be done at the same time. See our different Finger Wear / Finger Probe Testers below.

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RCA Abrasion Wear Tester 7-IBB-CC

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester

The RCA Wear Tester is used to test surfaces for resistance to abrasion and wear. Typically used on painted or plated organic finishes, foil, and inked key pad lettering. This tester is widely used as a standard for many silicone key pad and membrane switch manufacturers. This abrader is used as a standard to the auto, appliance, cell phone, plastics, and coating industries. It uses an inexpensive roll of throw away abrasion paper. All build-up error is eliminated and consistent readings are easily obtained.

The RCA Abrasion Wear Tester is also referred to as an Abrasive Wear Tester, an Abrader, a Paper Wear Tester, etc. The Norman Tool official model identifier for this machine is the 7-IBB-CC RCA Wear Tester.

Automatic Finger Tester

PFTE-1 Automatic Finger Tester

Our finger probe tester and simulator is a unique contact tester designed to press and depress switches, buttons, keypads, and membrane switches. This tester can be used for contact testing as well as general mechanical and cosmetic button wear. It uses a silicone finger test probe which conforms to ASTM 1578 and ASTM 1597 Fig. 1 Test Probe Option. Optional Finger Probe ASTM1597 and ASTM Fig. 2 is available in a variety of mounting thread options.