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TRACEiT® – 3D Surface Analyzer

Surface profile is a key parameter of a product’s quality, which affects the product’s overall performance. The height values of the surface (often referred as to “valleys” and “peaks”) determine many functional features, e.g. abrasion, adhesion, etc. Furthermore, the analysis of wear or abrasion after the mechanical tests is also needed to determine the quality of surface coatings. Therefore, an accurate measurement and documentation of the surface profile helps to make the right decision for the product’s quality control.

TRACEiT® is by far the only mobile measurement instrument which measures the surface profiles in a fast, mobile, optical, non-contact fashion. The real-time measurement of 3D topography as well as the documentation of visual impression makes it widely used in R&D for new material development as well as in the quality control of manufacturing processes.

TRACEiT® in use with laptop

Parameters which can be measured with TRACEiT® include:

  • Visual appearance
  • Roughness
  • 3D Topography/Mapping
  • Light intensity
  • Porosity
  • Effective contact area

Additionaly, TRACEiT® is suitable for use on lab samples and finished products with handheld, or a positioning adapter, or a tripod or a robotics unit.

TRACEiT® is the only mobile and non-tactile testing machine for fast, direct measurement on a 5 mm × 5 mm area. Samples can be flat or with specific curvature for applications in automotive & aerospace industry or for leather, paper and medicine technology.

Software Main Analysis Window
TRACEiT® Software Main Analysis Window
  • Visual Impression: overall appearance of a surface to the human eye
  • Roughness Value: complex micro- and macro- structure
  • 3D Mapping: physical topography
  • Height 2D Mapping: two dimensional topography
TRACEiT® - 3D Surface Analyzer