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Key Pads Functionality and Wear Testing Equipment

Touch keypad

Norman Tool offers a variety of testing equipment for all types of key pads / keypads, keyboards, touch pads, and more. Whether you need to test the reliability of contact switches, buttons or screens, or the wear or scratch resistance of coatings on those keys, buttons, screens, devices, etc., Norman Tool has the testing equipment and supplies you need.

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Some of this equipment includes the following:

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester for Key Pads / Keypads / Keyboards

The RCA Abrasion Wear Tester is used to test surfaces of keys, screens, etc. for resistance to abrasion and wear. This tester is widely used as a standard for many key pad / keypad, keyboard, membrane switch manufacturers, and more. Learn More

Pneumatic Finger Tester for Key Pads / Keypads / Keyboards

This contact tester is designed to press and depress switches, buttons, keypads, and membrane switches of all types and on all types of devices, instruments and equipment. This tester can be used for contact testing as well as general mechanical and cosmetic button wear. It uses a silicone finger test probe. Learn More

Wet Abrader for Key Pads / Keypads / Keyboards

Built on a combination of the RCA Abrader design, and the Finger Pressing design of the Pneumatic Finger Tester, this Wet Abrader adds the ability to apply a liquid to a special Norman Tool Abrasive Media. This abrasive media is then pressed and rubbed against the key pad / keypad, keyboard, etc. using a silicone finger probe. Learn More

Motion Pro Testers for Key Pads / Keypads / Keyboards

This product line of key pad and keyboard testers is designed to provide a wide range of finger pressing motions to be used for contact and life cycle button testing for items including membrane switches, key pads / keypads, silicone keypads, computer keys, buttons, or any item that is repeatedly pressed or in contact with the human finger. Learn More

Custom Test Equipment for Key Pads / Keypads / Keyboards

We can provide design and build services to custom build the version of abrader test machines and button / key pad testing equipment for your particular testing applications. Whether it is button cycling, key cycling, abrading, scuffing, or marring, or many other coating wear testing applications, our line of test equipment can be customized to suit your needs or we can design it from the ground up. Learn More

INNOWEP Surface Testers for Key Pads / Keypads / Keyboards

We are also the exclusive United States distributor for INNOWEP testing equipment, which expands and builds on our reputation for providing high quality and innovative test equipment for key pads / keypads, keyboards, and more. Learn More

Norman Tool provides test equipment for all types of key pads, keypads, keyboards, touchscreens, and other equipment, including:

Testing Equipment for All Types of Key Pads, Keypads, Keyboards, Touch Pads, etc.

Slicone rubber keypad
Metal touch keypad
  • Conventional Keyboards
  • Digital Keyboards
  • Touchscreen Keyboards
  • Conventional Key Pads / Keypads
  • Digital Key Pads / Keypads
  • Silicone Key Pads / Keypads
  • Touchscreen Key Pads / Keypads
  • Touch Pads / Touch Key Pads
  • Medical Key Pads / Keypads
  • Industrial Key Pads / Keypads
  • Biometric Key Pads / Keypads
  • Handheld Key Pads / Keypads
  • Analog Key Pads / Keypads

Regardless of your key pad / keypad, keyboard, or touchscreen testing need, Norman Tool can meet all your switch, screen and wear testing needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you.