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Certified Norman Tool Products

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester

Knock-offs and Fakes exist in all industries! With test equipment, more so than many other equipment, it is critical to obtain true Norman Tool products. Test equipment does not need to simply work, or run when turned on. It must provide accurate and consistent data that can be correlated to the master tests at our facility. All of our customers should want real Norman Tool quality equipment.

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We want to help! It is certain that some of our valued customers will end up with equipment that is not real. Some Norman Tool knock-offs will display the Norman Tool name or it might have a Norman Tool trademarked Model name like the RCA Abrasion Wear Tester. Please contact us if you think you have a Knock-off tester. We can help. Even if you want to continue to use your knock-off RCA Tester, you can still purchase our paper from our online store or through contacting us. Abrasive Paper made in other countries do not have the quality control and natural resources available to work properly.

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester vs Fake Tester Comparison Data

What is a fake or knock-off?

A fake product, which could include abrasive paper or accessories, is one that is falsely sold as a Norman Tool Product even though it is not manufactured by or tested by Norman Tool. This may include copying the Norman Tool name, Product Name, and quality certifications. Fakes are never the same as Norman Tool Products, but can look very similar. Norman Tool Products are made only in the US at a single location and never manufactured in other countries like Asia or other areas. Below is just one, of many, examples of a fake Norman Tool RCA tester.

Fake / Knock-Off Machine
Where to get the good stuff?
We sell direct and through authorized distributors. Contact us if you are interested in finding an authorized distributor in your area.
Knock-Off Companies:
  • Yulian Testing Machines
  • Dongguan Testing Instruments
  • Weng Kelvin Company
  • QualTech Products
  • Gowe
  • Hanchen Instrument®
  • Boshi Electronic Instrument
  • YiFun Trade
Knock-Offs also sold on:
  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
How to tell if I have a Knock-off?
Simple. Please take note of your serial number, or Lot #, of your product or accessory and enter that data in the form on our Product Registration page. Once submitted, we will receive your information and communicate back to you via email with the validity of your product. You may also attach a picture of your tester, with the serial number noted, and we can determine validity for you.
Protect yourself in the future – Register Your Product!
Anytime you purchase a Norman Tool Product, register your newly purchased product on the Norman Tool website with your serial number or Lot # on our Product Registration page. You can register your older equipment too!