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RCA Abrasion Wear Tester testing keypad

Testing Service

Norman Tool has been around for a long time. With our contacts in the industry, we can perform testing services in house or help set you up with other test labs in the industry. Or a combination of both. There is plenty of knowledge in Norman Tool and our test lab partners that we can help with advising and helping with test methods, test parameters, and other general test program advice.

Rental Service

If you have short term testing needs, a tester rental service might be advisable. We offer good rates and our testers are easy to learn how to use. Phone support is the most that would be needed, if any at all, in order to get up and running.

Rent to Own

Not sure if you want to make the investment? Many customers have chosen to rent to own. This allows the option of returning the tester at any point or keeping it after payments are made. This is a good program that many customers have used. It can help with capital budgeting roadblocks as well.

Calibration Service

We offer calibration services for our machines. Test machines do not only need to run, their purpose is to give consistent performance and data. Our machines run consistently, but a calibration service is recommended at intervals, based on usage, to ensure, and to document for your quality assurance program, that everything is still giving the best and most consistent data.

Repair Service and Parts

Repair and parts is not a big part of our business. We think that is good news. However, if anything does fail, for any reason, let us know. There are items that we can provide parts with instructions on how to replace. There are some items that you might want or need us to replace. Either way, it can be fixed economically. Contact us.

Custom Test Equipment

Sometimes we all have applications that don’t quite fit the mold so to speak. If you need something a little different, we can provide services to develop a custom tester for your specific application. Abrasion wear testing, finger pressing, button and keypad testing, whatever it is, I am sure we can get you what you need.

Fixture Development

All tested specimens need to be help securely to be tested. Our tester are provided with a means to mount or clamp a part in place. But not everything is so easy to secure. Whether you are using a Norman Tool tester or something else, we can help with making a fixture for your part to securely hold it in place. We have everything from 3D CAD systems to CAM software and CNC machining equipment to be able to make a fixture for your needs.

INNOWEP Test Equipment Service and Parts

We are the exclusive United States distributor for INNOWEP testing equipment, and we also provide service, calibration, parts, and accessories for these innovative products.