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DataSwitch Finger Probes and DataSwitch Switch Testers – Alternative Options

Norman Tool offers several alternative options for DataSwitch Corporation’s various types of finger probes and switch testers. Some companies have wanted to switch to our solutions, while others have had some trouble finding replacement DataSwitch products. Regardless of your situation, Norman Tool can help. Our products are very similar to DataSwitch Corporation’s finger probes and automated switch and button testers, and we would welcome the opportunity to help you solve your probes and testing challenges. We offer both regular silicone finger probes and conductive finger probes comparable to what DataSwitch has offered. We also offer our PFTE-1 automatic finger probe simulator / tester for testing the durability of switches, buttons and more.

We know many companies have relied on DataSwitch Corporation’s switch and button testers, as well as their specific DataSwitch finger probes, but we think you will find the Norman Tool finger probes and testers to be of comparable or superior quality, and with advanced features, and more durability and reliability. Contact us today to let us know how we can help replace your DataSwitch Corporation products, and/or help you solve other finger probe or switch testing challenges.