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Watch Our Fake vs. Real RCA Tester Comparison Video

There are many Fake testers manufactured outside of the United States by companies that are not authorized by Norman Tool to do so. These testers look similar, but they are not made with the same components or standards, and they will not compare properly.

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Norman Tool Brands Products with New Trademarks and Logos

In Norman Tool’s ongoing efforts to counter the sale and distribution of cheap knock-off versions of our great products, as well as to better identify our products in the marketplace, we have recently developed a family of trademarked logos.

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Norman Tool Adds Operating Instruction Videos to Website

Norman Tool has produced Operating Instructions Videos for both the RCA Abrasion Wear Tester and the PFTE-1 Automatic Finger Probe Tester. These videos explain how to set up and operate this equipment for optimal performance.

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Norman Tool Addressing Need for Sandpaper Abrasion Wear Tester for Wire & Cable Insulation

Norman Tool offers a solution for companies that need to perform automatic sandpaper abrasion wear testing on the insulation around wires and cables (also called sandpaper rub testing). This is the MIL-T-5438 Spec and/or the SAE J11288 Spec (and possibly others).

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2-Axis Motion Pro Tester Now Available

The Norman Tool 2-Axis Motion Pro Tester (MPT-2) allows for simulating both finger pushes and finger swipes to test for everything from coating durability, to switch reliability, and even the durability of guitar strings and much more.

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Conductive Finger Probes Now Available

Norman Tool’s new conductive finger probes are now available. These finger probes are unique because they allow electrical current to pass through them. The probes conform to ASTM 1578 and ASTM 1597 Fig.

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Updated Finger Probe Simulator / Tester

The Norman Tool Pneumatic Finger Probe Tester / Simulator has received a big update! The new model, the PFTE-1, replaces the previous PFT-1 and offers several new features and advantages.

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Updated Pricing and Payment Options for RCA Testers and More

Norman Tool is excited to announce a new payment option that makes our equipment easier than ever to purchase. This payment plan could apply to all Norman Tool equipment (just ask), but it works especially well for the RCA Abrasion Wear Testers.

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Norman Tool is Now Offering Refurbished RCA Wear Testers

With the large number of RCA Abrasion Wear Testers in use around the world today, and the number of companies replacing their older machines, Norman Tool may now be able to offer you Refurbished / Like New machines for a great value.

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Operating Instructions Video for the RCA Abrasion Wear Tester

Norman Tool has produced a new Operating Instructions Video for owners and users of the Norman Tool – RCA Abrasion Wear Tester Model 7-IBB-CC.  This video provides a visual aid and some written instructions to help users set up, test and operate this piece of wear testing equipment. 

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Wear Test Paper Verification Tests & Procedures

Determine your unique wear test paper “Factor” number to ensure consistency, reduce test paper usage and improve your quality control process. This is critical for maintaining a standardized test procedure and results.

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INNOWEP Surface Testers Now Available from Norman Tool

Norman Tool, a longtime leader in abrasion wear test equipment, now offers INNOWEP surface testing equipment.

INNOWEP, founded in 1990 in Würzburg, Germany, has established itself as a world-leading specialist in material and surface testing, characterization, documentation and standardization.

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Motion Pro Tester MPT-1 Introduced by Norman Tool

Do you have a million cycle test? No problem. Norman Tool, Inc. has developed a tester for accelerated button cycle testing. This is a fast cycle tester that can be programmed with all of the variables that are required for easy cycle testing.

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Finger Probes Available

Developed specifically for test methods F1578 and F1597, Norman Tool offers these Finger Probes using the correct durometer and dimensions to satisfy the requirements set forth in Figures 1 and optional Figure 2 as described in the test methods.

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Innowep Chooses Norman Tool, Inc. to Be their US Distributor

With the reputation in the US as a high quality and service oriented test instrument provider, Norman Tool was chosen by Innowep GmbH to serve the US territory for their test products.

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