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Test Paper

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IMPORTANT: Insist on only Authentic and Certified Norman Tool Wear Test Paper! There are lots of fake, knock-off test papers on the market, especially in Asia. This fake paper does not meet our stringent specifications and parameters, and provides inaccurate and inconsistent test results that are not reliable. Our paper is manufactured with very tight tolerance specifications, and is stored under strict humidity and temperature controls to ensure it meets our specifications when you receive it. For high quality, reliable and consistent test results, use only Authentic Certified Norman Tool Wear Test Paper! Find An Authorized Test Paper Seller In Your Area!

仅使用经过认证和认证的诺曼工具测试纸,以获得可靠和一致的结果。 在这里了解更多!

信頼性と一貫性のある結果を得るためには、本物で認証されたNormanツールのテスト用紙のみを使用してください。 ここでもっと学びましょう!

신뢰할 수 있고 일관된 결과를 위해 오직 Authentic 및 Certified Norman Tool 테스트 용지 만 사용하십시오. 더 자세히 여기!

Utilice únicamente papel de prueba de Norman Tool auténtico y certificado para obtener resultados confiables y consistentes. ¡Aprenda más aquí!

Norman Tool abrasion wear paper has been used successfully for years to apply accelerated wear testing to product samples. Our standard paper has tightly controlled specifications and is certified within Norman Tool. At the very outset of the development in the 1960’s, customers used 11/16” wide paper, ¼” wide paper, and ¼” wide polyester tape. The 11/16” wide paper became the standard. However, we do still offer the variety of widths and papers shown below.

Read Important Information About Determining and Using Your Unique Wear Test Paper “Factor” Number

1116-P Standard Norman Tool Abrasion Wear Paper:

1116-P-01 11/16” Wide Paper – 1 Roll
1116-P-10 11/16” Wide Paper – 10 Rolls per box
1116-P-40 11/16” Wide Paper – 40 Rolls per box
0104-P-01 1/4” Wide Paper – 1 Roll
0104-P-10 1/4” Wide Paper – 10 Rolls per box

1116-M NTI Abrasion Wear Media:

1116-M-01 11/16” Wide Paper – 1 Roll
1116-M-10 11/16” Wide Paper – 10 Rolls per box
1116-M-40 11/16” Wide Paper – 40 Rolls per box

0104-T Norman Tool Polyester Magnetic Abrasion Tape:

0104-T-01 4” Wide Tape – Single Roll