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We touch objects all day long, so it is no wonder there are so many applications where abrasion wear and button testing is required. Whether it is when we turn on our coffee maker in the morning, driving our car to work, using our handheld devices, using the gas pump to fill our cars, punching in our PIN number at the ATM, or setting the alarm at night, we are constantly pressing keypads, buttons, or wearing products in ways that abrade or wear out mechanically or electrically when operated. Applications of Norman Tool test equipment can include testing touch screens, keyboards, equipment controls, phones, cameras, tablets, calculators, remote controls, and many other objects.

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Very important branding items such as logos, model names, nameplates, and many other visual marketing items are subject to adverse wear. These items, if worn before the lifecycle of your product, could compromise your brand. Coatings wear testing can be applied in many areas for cosmetic reasons in addition to normal operational reasons.

  • Keypads / Key Pads Testing
  • Touchpads / Touch Pads Testing
  • Keyboards / Keys Testing
  • Control Panels Testing
  • Buttons / Switch Testing
  • Phones Testing
  • Cameras Testing
  • Tablets Testing
  • Calculators Testing
  • USB Flash / Thumb Drives Testing
  • Remote Controls Testing