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Combination Contact / Switch and Wear Testing Equipment

Our finger probe testers are excellent choices for testing both the functionality of switches and buttons and wear testing the coatings or printed text or graphics on those switches and buttons.

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Automatic Finger Tester

PFTE-1 Automatic Finger Tester

Our finger probe tester and simulator is a unique contact tester designed to press and depress switches, buttons, keypads, and membrane switches. This tester can be used for contact testing as well as general mechanical and cosmetic button wear. It uses a silicone finger test probe which conforms to ASTM 1578 and ASTM 1597 Fig. 1 Test Probe Option. Optional Finger Probe ASTM1597 and ASTM Fig. 2 is available in a variety of mounting thread options.

Motion Pro Testers

MPT-1 Motion Pro Tester

This product line of testers is designed to provide a wide range of finger pressing motions to be used for contact and life cycle button testing for items including membrane switches, silicone keypads, computer keys, buttons, or any item that is repeatedly pressed or in contact with the human finger testing contact tester.

Custom Test Equipment

While Norman Tool, Inc. is a leader in the abrasion wear and contact / switch test equipment industries, we also have a high quality CNC machine shop complete with an engineering design and development department. Equipped with the latest technology in CAD/CAM software, CNC milling machines, and lathes, we can provide design and build services to custom build the version of abrader test machines and button testing equipment for your particular testing applications. Whether it is button cycling, abrading, scuffing, or marring, or many other coating wear testing applications, our line of test equipment can be customized to suit your needs or we can design from the ground up.