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How do I operate your equipment?
We have operating and instruction videos for some of our equipment that can viewed. For additional questions, refer to our manuals, then contact us for any further questions.
How do I ensure my RCA Abrader is calibrated?
Each RCA tester is calibrated at the factory to ensure proper operation and test results. We recommend using a calibration kit available in our online store to be used periodically to ensure the tester is operating within a proper calibration range. Annual calibration services by Norman Tool are available as well.
How do I correlate RCA Abrader cycle counts to finger presses?
There is not a direct correlation due to the differences in the conditions of what a normal finger press may be. However, a correlation test can be made by using a Motion-Pro contact tester. The Motion-Pro force and angle can be defined and set, and the desired finger probe type and probe conditions can be made. The Motion-Pro can abrade to a wear-through condition of the coating. Then, an RCA abrader test can be made to create the same abrasion. The results can be correlated for those particular set of conditions of the Finger Press to an RCA abrasion cycle.
How do I calibrate my RCA abrader?
The best method of calibration is to ship the tester to Norman Tool for factory calibration. However, you can contact us for a distributor in your location. Some distributors are set up to be able to perform calibration services for you.
How do I know I have a certified Norman Tool Tester?
Complete the form on our product registration page. We will contact you with the results of your certification. You can do this for new equipment as well as existing equipment that you have had for years, even if it has been acquired from previous owners.
How do I set up my tester properly?
Set up is designed to be easy. However, there can be a few common mistakes. Your owner’s manual should help, or if you prefer, just contact us and we can always help through a simple email or a phone call.
Where should I purchase abrasion wear paper?
You can purchase paper through our online store or through our distributors. Please contact us for a distributors list.
How should I store my Abrasion Wear Paper?
Proper storage of the paper will maintain the best test results. Always store your paper in a standard air conditioned or heated space like your office or typical laboratory. Unusually high or low humidity can affect the condition of the paper and test results can vary. If your paper has been in a high or low humidity environment for a while, simple place it back into the conditioned space for a couple of days prior to use. The plastic closable bags provided with the paper is useful for paper protection.
What is the shelf life of my paper?
Paper that is kept on a tightly wound roll can last for many years with no change to the abrasion performance. We have a 6 month warranty for all of our products, but this does not indicate shelf life. If your paper has discolored from age, it should be replaced.
How do I obtain technical support?
We successfully provide support by email and phone calls from everywhere in the world. Use our contact us page and we will answer.
What are your Terms & Conditions for equipment purchased?
Our Terms & Conditions for sales are typical for our industry and can be found here: Terms & Conditions. Contact us with any additional questions or concerns not answered here.