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ABREX® – Abrasion Tester

Abrasion is a common mechanical process on surfaces caused by scuffing, rubbing, or scratching under normal use or environmental exposure. The product with abrasion leads to the undesirable disturbance of its functionality, quality perception and value. Fingertip and hand abrasion is a specific type of abrasion due to the intensive interaction between the products and human fingertips or hands. This special abrasion leads to distinct patterns of damages on the materials and its surfaces.

ABREX®-ABRASION, namely soft-chemo-mechanical fingertip & hand abrasion, is a highly complex abrasion process which involves:

  • Firstly a dynamic impact with 45° angle by a viscoelastic fingertip under a certain load and the influence of various liquid;
  • Then a friction rubbing or tumbling motion between the sample and a textile containing dirt, dandruff, oil, sweat or various types of creams.

ABREX® is by far the only testing machine which can simulate this complex abrasion with different standard textiles under different chemical environments.

Furthermore, other tests can be also performed with the standard ABREX® and with a high-speed ABREX®-E, including:

  • Dynamic finger-nail scratch automotive
  • Dynamic industrial scratch
  • Dynamic shoe sole abrasion
  • Abrasion with soiling materials
  • Abrasion with high-abrasive cleaning materials
  • Cleanability test
  • Limpness Test

In addition, all tests can be applied either on a lab sample or on a finished product with the testing temperature ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

ABREX® Abrasion Simulation
Principle of ABREX® Abrasion Simulation

ABREX® is currently the world standard machine for evaluating the abrasion resistance, dynamic scratch resistance of the material and coatings. It has been referenced in numerous standards and specifications including plastics, coatings, laminates, leather, paper, ceramics, glass, etc.).

  • DIN EN 60068-2-70
  • IEC 68-2-70
  • BMW GS 97034 -1, -2, -3, -4, -5,-6
  • BMW GS 97045-2
  • BMW PR 506, 510
  • BMW AA-0471, AA-P296
  • BMW PA-P 315
  • BMW TL 9 138681.6
  • Daimler DBL 7384
  • Ford WSS-M2P188-A1/FLTM BN155-01/DVM-0055-MA
  • GB-T 2423.53
  • JIS C 60068-2-70
  • PSA D24 5020
  • Renault
  • GSO 480.1.003

Technical Data


ABREX® Standard





1-20 N 

Friction path

4-40 mm

Abrasion Speed

60±5 mm/s

60±5 mm/s

60±5 mm/s

60±5 mm/s

Scratch Speed

60±5 mm/s

20 ± 2 cm/s & 70 ± 5 cm/s acc. to GS 97034-2 for fingernail test
70 ± 5 cm/s acc. to GS 97034-3 for shoe sole test 

60±5 mm/s

20 ± 2 cm/s & 70 ± 5 cm/s acc. to GS 97034-2 for fingernail test
70 ± 5 cm/s acc. to GS 97034-3 for shoe sole test 



Test Piston

 20 mm Standard 
 10 mm Standard 

 20 mm Standard
 10 mm Standard

both 10 mm & 20 mm for three temperature range: -40℃-0℃, 0℃-30℃, 30℃-85℃

both 10 mm & 20 mm for three temperature range: -40℃-0℃, 0℃-30℃, 30℃-85℃


Fluid feed

Automatic, Manual

Fabric feed

Automatic, Feed adjustable

Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz or 110 V, 60 Hz


4 bar,external,oil-free,water-free


Nail Scratch-Industrial

Nail Scratch - Industrial

Simulation of typical scratch tests with industrial tips. Supplied with both 45° & 90° sample fixing modules.

Nail Scratch & Mar Test-Automotive

Nail Scratch & Mar Test - Automotive

Simulation of typical scratch and mar tests with human fingernail (PMMA) at different speeds. Supplied with 45° sample fixture. Test acc. to BMW GS97034-2.

Shoe Sole Abrasion Test-Automotive

Shoe Sole Abrasion Test - Automotive

Simulation of abrasion between shoe sole and the auto trim with high speeds acc. to BMW GS97034-3.

Shoe Sole Abrasion Test-General

Shoe Sole Abrasion Test - General

Simulation of the general abrasion for floor, carpet, ceramics.

Fingerprint Test

Fingerprint Test

Generation of a standardized fingerprint on the surface (eg. touch screen, glossy piano paint) followed by a cleanability test on ABREX® to test how easily the fingerprint is cleaned by microfiber cloth.

Steering Wheel Abrasion Test

Steering Wheel Abrasion Test

A complete car or truck steering wheel mounting on ABREX® for the simulation of ABREX®- abrasion and other scratch tests without cutting the lab samples. The steering wheel can be any size from automotive, trucks and omnibuses.

Steering Wheel Abrasion Test with Wear Analysis

Steering Wheel Abrasion Test with Wear Analysis

This adapter enables a complete car or truck steering wheel mounting on ABREX®, and additionally the TRACEiT® can be fixed onto the top of the adapter to provide an easy measurement of the abrasion rate and surface roughness, topography, structure and visual impression in a mobile fast fashion.

Banknote Durability Test

Banknote Durability Test

A specially designed sample mounting adapter with a certain curvature enables the simulation of ABREX® -abrasion and other tests directly on a banknote with standard fabric, soiling fabric under both dry and wet condition.

Banknote Limpness Test

Banknote Limpness Test

Limpness is referred as the banknote paper is less stiff due to the frequent handling. Limpness is normally correlates with soiling and structural deterioration, which results in a marded lack of stiffness. A specially designed adapter for ABREX® enables the simulation the abrasion between the banknotes for evaluation of the limpness.

Teeth Abrasion Test

Teeth Abrasion Test

A specially designed adapter to simulate the tooth abrasion for testing the durability of tooth replacement materials. The materials of abrasion counterpart can be customized.

X-Y Sample Holder with Counter

X-Y Sample Holder with Counter

A sample holder is designed with easy handling in both X & Y directions. An additional counter is supplied for better location of the sample.


Textile Options

Textile Options
Standard Fabric:
Simulates ABREX®-abrasion according to DIN EN 60068-2-70 / IEC 68-2-70
Cotton-Batist Fabric (Denim):
Simulates abrasion with clothing materials (e.g. jeans) according to ISO 105 D01
Cotton-Lawn Fabric:
Simulates abrasion with fine-structured clothing materials (e.g. trouser pockets) acc. to ISO 405 F09
Soiling Fabric:
Simulates soiling behaviour with standard materials (by fats, soot) acc. to BMW GS 97034 and various standards. Two types of soiling fabric are available.
Abrasion-Pad S-1000:
Simulates mechanical abrasion with high-abrasive rubbing pad
Abrasion-Pad ‘Scrub test’:
Simulates mechanical wear by kitchen and cleaning sponges (M44)
Wool Felt H1:
Abrasion test according to various standards, hardness H1

Media Options

Assorted media

Artificial Sweat acc. to:

  • DIN 53160-2:2001
  • BMW GS 97045 (two types)
  • BMW PR 506
  • DBL 7384
  • VW TL 226 (2 types)
  • FORD DVM-00870 MA
Assorted additional fluids

Additional Fluids:

  • Cleaning paste
  • Skin lotion
  • Soil/dirt
  • Plastic cream/hand cream
  • Cleaner/Spray

Piston/Stamp Options

Supply of standard piston/stamp with the diameter of 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. Additionally, different piston/stamp will be especially made for different temperature ranges depending on the model of ABREX®:

Piston/Stamp Options
  • -40°C - 0°C (blue)
  • 0°C - 30°C (transparent)
  • 30°C - 85°C (red)

Weight Options

Supply of standard weight to run acc. to various standards and specifications:

Weight Options
  • 1 N
  • 1.5 N
  • 3 N
  • 4 N
  • 5 N
  • 6 N
  • 8 N
  • 10 N
  • 15 N
  • 20 N
  • 30 N
ABREX® Abrasion Tester