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Test Equipment

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester 7-IBB-CC

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester

The RCA Abrasion Wear Tester is used to test surfaces for resistance to abrasion and wear. Typically used on painted or plated organic finishes, foil, and inked key pad lettering. This tester is widely used as a standard for many silicone key pad and membrane switch manufacturers. This abrader is used as a standard to the auto, appliance, cell phone, plastics, and coating industries. It uses an inexpensive roll of throw away abrasion paper. All build-up error is eliminated and consistent readings are easily obtained.

Ask us about refurbished machines that may be available.

Automatic Finger Tester

PFTE-1 Automatic Finger Tester

Our finger probe tester and simulator is a unique contact tester designed to press and depress switches, buttons, keypads, and membrane switches. This tester can be used for contact testing as well as general mechanical and cosmetic button wear. It uses a silicone finger test probe which conforms to ASTM 1578 and ASTM 1597 Fig. 1 Test Probe Option. Optional Finger Probe ASTM1597 and ASTM Fig. 2 is available in a variety of mounting thread options.

Wet Abrader WA-1010

WA-1010 Wet Abrader

Built on a combination of the RCA Abrader design, and the Finger Pressing design of the Pneumatic Finger Tester, this Wet Abrader adds the ability to apply a liquid to a special NTI Abrasive Media. This abrasive media is then pressed and rubbed against the specimen using a silicone finger probe. The test probe conforms to ASTM 1578 and ASTM 1597 Fig. 1.

Motion Pro Testers – 1 & 2 Axis

MPT-2 Motion Pro Tester

This product line of testers is designed to provide a wide range of finger pressing and/or sliding / rubbing motions to be used for contact and life cycle button testing, as well as to test for wear and durability. These machines can test all types of buttons and switches, as well as monitors, screens, displays, and really anything that may get wear from human fingers or other similar types of rubbing, pushing or sliding. One recent customer, a major international guitar string manufacturer, is using the MPT-2 to test the durability of their strings! Other types of testing is for products like membrane switches, silicone keypads, computer keys, buttons, or any item that is repeatedly pressed, rubbed or in contact with human fingers or a similar material or surface. The MPT-1 is a Single Axis tester and the MPT-2 (shown here) is a 2-Axis tester, which allows for simulating both a finger push and a slide at the same time. See our videos and learn more about these unique and versatile button, switch and wear testers.

Snaptron Sapphire Force Displacement Switch Tester

Snaptron Sapphire Force Displacement Switch Tester

Norman Tool is excited to be an exclusive distributor for the Snaptron Sapphire force displacement switch tester, which was engineered for accurate and repeatable force displacement measurements on many types of switches. The Snaptron Sapphire tester uses an LCD touchscreen display, where it displays measurement data. This unique force displacement tester works well with metal or plastic dome switches, membrane switches, keypads of all types, and many other switches. The force test meets ASTM standard F2592. The tests possible with this unit includes trip force, return force, standing free height, displacement / travel, tactile ratio, tactile activation slope, switch resistance, as well as other ASTM measurements.

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Custom Test Equipment

While Norman Tool, Inc. is a leader in the abrasion wear test equipment industry, we also have a high quality CNC machine shop complete with an engineering design and development department. Equipped with the latest technology in CAD/CAM software, CNC milling machines, and lathes, we can provide design and build services to custom build the version of abrader / abrasion wear test machines and button & switch testing equipment for your particular testing applications. Whether it is button cycling, abrading, rubbing / rub test, scuffing, or marring, or many other coating wear testing applications, as well as unique applications like sandpaper abrasion wear testing for wire & cable insulation, etc., our line of test equipment can be customized to suit your needs or we can design from the ground up.

INNOWEP Test Equipment

ABREX® Abrasion Tester

We are also the exclusive United States distributor for INNOWEP testing equipment, which expands and builds on our reputation for providing high quality and innovative industrial test equipment. To learn more about INNOWEP products, please visit our INNOWEP page.