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DynaSPA® – Scratch / Punch Tester

Damage to a surface due to abrasion, scratch and punch is one of the main reasons for the disturbance of a product’s quality. In many real applications, deep scratch or severe abrasion occurs during a fast and high dynamic motion, e.g. a deep long scratch by a key on the exterior paint of a car, and this high dynamic scratch occurs at a high speed up to 100 cm/s.

DynaSPA® is the only machine which can simulate the fastest and dynamic scratch, punch and abrasion tests within one machine with freely programmable speed and stroke. Any linear Scratch or Abrasion test with a speed up to 100cm/s and a stroke up to 120mm. It complies with over 30 international standards (ASTM/DIN/ISO) for the following applications:


  • Fastest system for performing scratch/abrasion/punch tests
  • High dynamic linear motion up to 100 cm/s
  • One machine for all tests
  • Compliance with over 30 standards:ASTM/ISO/DIN/EN
  • Real industrial application simulation of abrasion, punch and scratch
  • Universal functionality due to modular design
  • Reproducible results due to standardized test standards


DynaSPA® is widely used as a standard for many industries:

  • automotive components
  • painted/coated parts
  • printed graphics/images
  • optical products
  • leather
  • textile
  • medical products
  • packaging materials
  • flexible films
  • wires and cables
  • magnetic stripes
  • electronic
  • rubber
  • home appliance
  • floor
  • ceramics
  • furniture
  • coating and color


  • Universal Abrasion Test
  • Shoe Sole Test
  • Crockmeter Test
  • Wire/Cable Abrasion Test
  • Film/Packaging Material Abrasion Test
  • Magnetic Stripe Abrasion Test
  • Cleaning/Scouring Pad Abrasion Test
  • Tooth Abrasion Test
  • Scuffing Abrasion Test


  • Universal Scratch Test
  • Nail Scratch Test
  • Pencil Test
  • Key Scratch Test


  • Universal Punch Test
  • Fingertip Punch Test

Technical Data

Model Dyna-SPA®
Static Load 1-30 N
Stroke Length max. 120 mm (programmable)
Linear speed max. 100 cm/s
Cycles 1-10,000,000
Features Scratch Abrasion Punch
Measurement delay (s) programmable
Speed in & out programmable
Power supply 230V / 50 Hz ; 110V / 60 Hz
Compressed air   6 bar, external, oil free, water free
Accessories included
with the base unit
3 different loads;
2 scratch tips
1 punch tip (metal)
1 universal clamp for abrasion test
1 set of sample holding plate
* All the above accessories will be packed in one box; the base
unit will be packed in a wooden box acc. to international shipment.
DynaSPA® - Scratch / Punch Tester