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Updated Finger Probe Simulator / Tester

The Norman Tool Pneumatic Finger Probe Tester / Simulator has received a big update! The new model, the PFTE-1, replaces the previous PFT-1 and offers several new features and advantages, including a new touch screen panel for easier user control, the ability to easily set the automatic shut off at the end of a cycle count, and the dwell time at the end of the down stroke and up stroke. It also has the ability to adjust dwell time during operation (i.e. “on the fly”), and a new manual flow control valve has been added to adjust the extension stroke velocity. Even with all these additions, we were able to keep the price down and in a similar range as the older model. This unique tester is designed to press and depress switches, buttons, keypads, and membrane switches, and can also be used for general mechanical and cosmetic button wear. Learn more and see the new video at