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Motion Pro Tester MPT-1 Introduced by Norman Tool

Do you have a million cycle test? No problem. Norman Tool, Inc. has developed a tester for accelerated button cycle testing. This is a fast cycle tester that can be programmed with all of the variables that are required for easy cycle testing. Whether you are testing the closure cycling of the contacts on a button, or if you are looking for cosmetic or other mechanical wear, this tester can take the pain out of coming up with a way to do a high cycle test on your product.

You can use this as the device to perform ASTM F1597. Wire up your button or switch device to an Ohm meter, and use this tester to do the rest for you. You can set your probe maximum velocity. Easily increase the load by using the touch screen monitor until the desired resistance is obtained. Watch and record the maximum force using the color screen display.

With cycling times faster than you can count, this device can be very useful when you have a high cycle testing requirement but not much time to do it. The durable electronic moving coil actuators allow for fast, quiet, smooth operation with repeatable forces and speeds that you set with the touch screen color display.