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Norman Tool Addressing Need for Sandpaper Abrasion Wear Tester for Wire & Cable Insulation

Wire & cable testing

Norman Tool offers a solution for companies that need to perform automatic sandpaper abrasion wear testing on the insulation around wires and cables (also called sandpaper rub testing, sandpaper abrasion resistance testing, and/or cable & wire insulation testing). This is the MIL-T-5438 Spec and/or the SAE J11288 Spec (and possibly others). Testing the abrasion wear characteristics of wire insulation or cable insulation is extremely important, because wires and cables often rub against moving or vibrating parts, housings, etc. If cable or wire insulation wears through, it can cause electronics to malfunction, or worse, create hazardous and dangerous situations. Norman Tool has a couple ways to perform sandpaper wear testing on cable and wire insulation, depending on the size and type of cable or wire, and its potential wear situation and environment. Learn more at the pages below.