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Norman Tool Brands Products with New Trademarks and Logos

In Norman Tool’s ongoing efforts to counter the sale and distribution of cheap knock-off versions of our great products, as well as to better identify our products in the marketplace, we have recently developed a family of trademarked logos. These logos all use a similar font and the Norman Tool corporate red color, and each logo has a fun visual element that helps represent that product. In addition to the increased corporate branding and positive exposure around the world, these new trademarks and logos will help make our customers and prospects more aware of the imitators trying to copy our products, and will hopefully decrease or eliminate the occurrence of companies buying those inferior knock-off products. Below are the trademarks and logos developed.

The RCA Abrader™ is our original RCA Abrasion Wear Tester, which is used to test surfaces for resistance to abrasion and wear. This equipment uses our official RCA Abrader Wear Test Paper.

Our Wet Abrader® is a version of our original Abrasion Wear Tester, designed for testing in wet conditions with a variety of liquids.

Our newer Motion Pro® Testers can be used to test a wide variety of buttons, switches, touchscreens, etc., for both abrasion wear and durability. Literally anything that gets pushed and/or rubbed by human fingers or mechanical devices can be tested with this equipment. There is a wide range of applications for these testers.

Our Real Touch Finger Probes are used with our Motion Pro® Testers, or with other equipment, to simulate the human finger. Our finger probes, which are unique and produced entirely in-house, come in a regular silicone model, as well as a conductive model that can be used for testing touchscreens that require the electrical conductivity found in human fingers.

Be sure to look for these trademarks and logos, and to only buy authentic, high quality, Norman Tool products. If there is ever a concern about knock-off products, and/or to alert us about imitation products, please contact us anytime.